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Tue May 5 04:28:59 EDT 2009

Hello Mikhail,

Tuesday, May 5, 2009, 12:19:47 PM, you wrote:

>>> "Just extraction" shouldn't create any shortcuts at all - you probably
>>> have them left over from the previous installation.

> Hmm, I should probably install Vista and check this myself.

it works correctly on XP?

>> imagine that you installed HP2009.1, then installed a lot of libs on
>> top. next month you install HP2009.2 - and all these libs are gone.
>> although everything you need is just to add to your installation pack
>> of "standard" libs included in new HP release

> The installer touches neither your $PROGRAMFILES\Haskell directory nor
> ~/.cabal/config, so if both platform releases use the same GHC
> version, the libraries should continue to work (theoretically at
> least, I haven't tested it:-) ).

> If the GHC versions are different, you'd have to rebuild the libraries anyway.

i mean that you will end up with two ghc installations - old with
extar libs installed and new with newer set of std libs. each one is

>> yes, .bat will be useful too. but i meant start menu shortcuts for us,
>> dumb users :)

> Installer would add .bat shortcuts to the start menu, just like VS
> does. It'd give you a command line with PATH set up to point to the
> bin dirs of this platform release. Or do you want a shortcut that
> modifies system settings permanently?


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