[haskell-platform] #22: platform tarball does not work out of the box on NixOS

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#22: platform tarball does not work out of the box on NixOS
 Reporter:  kosmikus  |       Owner:  dons
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 [I don't really expect this to be fixed, but want to provide the
 information here in order to preserve it.]

 The problem is that on NixOS, none of the libraries that the Haskell
 Platform expects
 (zlib, OpenGL/mesa just to name a few) are in standard paths. One sensible
 option if a
 user wants to make a user install is that a user has them in a local
 profile, so includes
 would be in $HOME/.nix-profile/include and libs in $HOME/.nix-profile/lib.

 The configure script can be made to work by setting CFLAGS and LDFLAGS to
 make use of these
 dirs. However, the actual build process invokes Cabal, and Cabal has to
 pass these flags to
 the individual packages via --extra-include-dirs and --extra-lib-dirs, and
 I can't see a
 way to make that happen.

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