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Mon May 4 16:37:35 EDT 2009

#7: Installer/package for OSX
 Reporter:  duncan            |        Owner:  gregorycollins
     Type:  task              |       Status:  assigned      
 Priority:  major             |    Milestone:  2009.2.0      
Component:  (none-specified)  |   Resolution:                
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Changes (by gregorycollins):

  * component:  => (none-specified)


 Update: I got the cabal2macpkg program semi-working (using the Tiger
 installer format) but it isn't compatible with the Leopard-format GHC
 installer. :(

 I went with the Tiger format to start with because I couldn't find enough
 information about Leopard-format installer packages; I'm going to have to
 bite the bullet and reverse-engineer the Leopard stuff. Expect a version
 that works within a couple of weeks.

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