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#21: Clarify web sites
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 We have policy and advice distributed across 3 sites now:

  * the download page
  * the haskell.org wiki page
  * the haskell trac page
 13:22  dcoutts> dons: after 2009.2.x the next major release is 2009.4.x
 13:22  dcoutts> http://trac.haskell.org/haskell-
 13:22  dcoutts> dons: btw, we need to sort out the various wikis
 13:22  dcoutts> the one on haskell.org should be for users I think
 13:23  dcoutts> the one that's part of the trac for developers, meaning
 package maintainers and also
                 release engineering team
 13:23 -- waern_ [n=david at ANice-157-1-38-58.w90-28.abo.wanadoo.fr] has
 joined #ghc
 13:23  dcoutts> but we should make a clear section for info for package
 13:23  dcoutts> with info on schedules, dates, expectations, policies
 13:24  dcoutts> and not clutter that section with stuff that's only of
 interest to the release
                 engineering team
 13:24  dcoutts> dons: seem a reasonable organisation principle?
 13:25  dcoutts> dons: so policies decided by the libs list would generally
 go in the trac wiki

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