Windows Installer RC

Claus Reinke claus.reinke at
Sun May 3 08:20:23 EDT 2009

>> (the main source file is Nsisfile.nsi)
> Thanks, that is almost readable. So you're actually removing
> the $PLATFORMDIR explicitly from package.conf, and the
> filetype associations seem to follow the current ghc installer's
> ideas? Neil, are you listening?-)
> If I read this correctly, it still doesn't follow the conventions we have
> tried to agree on for years, and will not cooperate with, eg, WinHugs,
> or previous settings. See separate answer to Duncan's question in this
> thread for details and examples that illustrate what I mean by installer
> ping pong.

I also noticed that you're using HKCR, where I'd have expected
HKLM or HKCU (cf. ),
or the SHCTX listed in NSIS docs " WriteRegExpandStr"
and " SetShellVarContext". As I mentioned, I'm just a user
(and the unconditional HKLM my illustration scripts used is not to
be taken as an example, see the discussion at #2489), so I don't
know which one is correct/standard, but I thought I'd mention it,
in case it happens to be wrong;-)


PS. my reading of
    is confused, but suggests that a choice of HKLM or HKCU is
    preferred for setting, while HKCR is for merged querying?

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