[haskell-platform] #72: Broken profiling libraries in OS X package

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Sat Jun 20 17:10:49 EDT 2009

#72: Broken profiling libraries in OS X package
 Reporter:  atomb          |        Owner:  gregorycollins
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Comment (by atomb):

 Ah, I see what's happening now. Both the GHC installer package and the
 platform installer package include mtl. The GHC one has profiling
 libraries, but the platform one doesn't. But the platform packages
 override the ones included with GHC. That's why it seemed as though the
 libraries were installed but broken.

 Personally, I would love to have profiling versions of the libraries
 included by default. Other people may disagree, though.

 In the long run, the GHC bundle probably shouldn't include packages
 included in the platform bundle, but I expect the current beta was
 produced by just using a readily available GHC installer, which happened
 to overlap a little with the platform.

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