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#70: Add shortcut to Hackage to Start Menu
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Comment (by panne):

 IMHO this would lead the HP into the wrong direction. Easy installation of
 single software packages (not necessarily Haskell ones), including their
 dependencies, is the domain of platform tools like YaST, yum, apt, ... The
 HP would only try to mirror already existing functionality and will
 probably do it much worse than tools which already exist for years.
 Windows is of course a different story, but then we should call this
 ticket "Build a Haskell-YaST-look-alike for Windows".

 The main point of the HP *is* to have a kind of "sumo" installer,
 containing a large, consistent set of Haskell packages. We should
 deliberately *not* distinguish between "professional" developers and
 others, this would again lead to API fragmentation.

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