[haskell-platform] #67: Mac Installer refuses to complete GHC installation request

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Tue Jun 9 12:42:21 EDT 2009

#67: Mac Installer refuses to complete GHC installation request
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 I think this is not a problem with the Platform but with the 6.10.3
 binary-- or else with my setup.

 I had no problem installing it all on my laptop, but it has always had
 some version of GHC on it; now I am trying to install on a iMac with no
 present GHC, and, it seems the relevant Developer stuff.

 But when we come to the fourth frame in the Installer gui,  "Installation
 Type", reading "Click install to perform a standard installation of this
 software...", the widget that says "Install" refuses to blacken,
 suggesting responsiveness; all my little mouse can do is "Go Back".  I
 notice that it does not request my password, which may be one clue.

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