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#64: Add a vcvars32.bat-like bat file
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Comment (by claus):

 > Adding ghc-paths at its current state to HP would be useless, since it
 refers to the paths on the build machine, not the machine on which HP is

 By the nature of `ghc-paths` (capture the GHC installation paths in a
 Haskell module), you cannot bundle an installed version. That doesn't mean
 you couldn't install a bundled version, though!-) That is what post-
 install scripts are for, usually (call `cabal install` on a local copy, at
 the end of the HP installation).

 I'm not saying it should be added - on its own, it is easy enough to
 install from hackage. The point is that it was designed to simplify a
 whole class of installation path related issues, so having it available
 for installation might be very useful (and better than reinventing its

 This ticket is but one example of how it might make your job easier to
 have it at hand: I just install `ghc-paths` with every GHC I install, and
 if I have the path to `ghc.exe`, I can find everything else for that
 version (`ghc-pkg.exe`, `libdir`, docs), so I only have to worry about
 changing one path (and using a different GHCi with an absolute path works
 just as well).

 As I said, just a suggestion.

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