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Thu Jun 4 05:49:19 EDT 2009

#64: Add a vcvars32.bat-like bat file
 Reporter:  refold             |        Owner:  refold  
     Type:  enhancement        |       Status:  assigned
 Priority:  major              |    Milestone:  2009.4.0
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Comment (by claus):

 if you're using cygwin's bash (actually, a slight variation should work
 with unix/bash as well), you can do something like the following in your
 `~/.bashrc` (might need tweaking, this version assumes that there is a
 `ghc/ghc-<version>/bin` in your `PATH` that you want to replace, and that
 your GHCs are installed in `c:/ghc/ghc-<version>`):
 function set-ghc { export PATH=`echo $PATH | sed
 's/ghc\/ghc-[0-9.]*\/bin/ghc\/'$1'\/bin/'`; }
 function F { i=0;
              for f in /cygdrive/c/ghc/$2*;
              do COMPREPLY[$i]=`basename $f`;
                 i+=1 ;
              done; }
 complete -F F set-ghc
 Calling `set-ghc 6.10.3` replaces the in-`PATH` GHC, and function `F` is
 used to provide commandline completion for `set-ghc`, based on the
 currently installed GHCs.

 Oh, and of course I have several GHCis in my right-click menu, as `"Open
 with GHCi <version>"`, so the above doesn't need to replace the system-
 wide `PATH`.

 Then one only needs to be able to go directly to the docs matching the
 currently selected GHC, which I can do
 .2C_via_ghc-paths from within GHCi, via `GHC.Paths`] (not yet included in
 HP:-(, or from within Vim, via the haskellmode plugins.

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