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#56: Dependency on editline C library not checked by ./configure
 Reporter:  anonymous (solrize)     |        Owner:  dons      
     Type:  defect                  |       Status:  reopened  
 Priority:  major                   |    Milestone:  2009.2.0.2
Component:  Generic source tarball  |   Resolution:            
 Keywords:  editline                |  
Comment (by solrize):

 I don't think it's appropriate for a source tarball installation to
 totally fail if something noncritical (like editline or opengl) is
 missing.  Also, users willing to unpack a tarball and run make shouldn't
 have to rely on distro packaging to be able to build this kind of library
 without a lot of pain.  For example, someone wanting to hack the sources
 usually won't start with distro packaging.  And, someone wanting to use
 the platform to develop (say) Haskell programs for embedded systems won't
 have modules like opengl or editline available, so it would be useful to
 be able to configure the platform to not include those modules.

 I've built and installed other language packages (python and gcc come to
 mind) from source tarballs countless times without such headaches.  The
 number of compiler diagnostics emitted during compilation is also
 disconcerting.  Of course I understand the Haskell platform is still in
 beta test and users should expect snags, so the current issues are not
 something to get upset about.  However, if part of the Platform's goal is
 to present Haskell to users as "ready for prime time", I hope that the
 cleanliness of the build process can be brought up to the standards of the
 other languages I mentioned before the platform is declared to be out of
 beta test.

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