"a small experience report"

Don Stewart dons at galois.com
Wed Jun 3 12:59:55 EDT 2009

Fwd from Simon Michael:

Thanks a lot to all working on this. This is just a small experience report.

I successfully installed the HP on a borrowed windows XP professional,
version 5.1.2600. It was very smooth. It felt like a largeish install; I
was glad I had a fast link. Afterward I had a GHC submenu in start menu ->
all programs. (I renamed it Haskell since my girlfriend has at least heard
me ramble on about that.) Opening a standard CMD prompt, I ghc-pkg and
cabal worked just as usual - great. My first cabal install failed, telling
me I needed to cabal update first. After that, cabal install worked just
fine until I tried some regex libs:

regex-posix failed with a bunch of errors, the first being could not find
regex.h. I installed the latest stable cygwin with default options and
tried again with: cabal install regex-posix
--extra-include-dirs=/cygwin/usr/include --extra-lib-dirs=/cygwin/usr/lib.
This worked fine.

regex-pcre failed telling me I needed the pcre c library. The basic
cygwin install didn't affect

That's as far as I got. Best - Simon

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