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#335: http://www.musclestacks.org/gc-fit-360
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 to the bottom of the hips,
 Keep constant exercise (with 360 GC FIT natural weight shedder) ball when
 scrolling (should not run with the ball while on the move)
 Minimum back and thus [http://www.musclestacks.org/gc-fit-360 360 GC FIT]
 resulting in expansion in absolute value. Repeat the movement 12 to 16

 4) Vertical legs vertical legs
 This process is another powerful movement to improve the appearance of the
 abdominal muscles. To carry out this operation, we recommend the
 Do you find yourself face, extend your legs toward the ceiling, with knees
 Contract your abs to lift the shoulder off the floor, and pretend you want
 to approach your chest to his feet,
 Maintaining your legs in a fixed position and pretend to take him your
 belly button toward your spine at the top of the movement,
 I was less and repeat the movement 12 to 16 times.

 5) Trunk track
 This exercise (with 360 GC FIT natural weight shedder) is with a device
 called a "trunk-track" (French trunk path). Torso track is a difficult
 process because it can hurt your back if you do not take the necessary


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