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#326: Working with a conventional weight training ball leads
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 Working with a conventional weight training ball leads to a new level,
 says Neal Pire, MA, FACSM, director of the School of Paris Speed in Fair
 Lawn, NJ, a training center at the performance for athletes 6 years.
 "It can provide a good balance training tool," says Pire.

 Grab a traditional bicep curl or a squat and do it on exercise ball, says
 Pire, and is a full body exercise, challenging its strength and more
 muscle in the body at the same time.

 "We have these things Proprioceptors calls," says Pire, author of Ply
 metrics: Explosive Training for athletes of all ages, "and your job is to
 connect the body to the brain and tell the body where it is in space and

 Proprioceptors communicate the entire site of a connection, the tension in
 a muscle [http://www.musclestacks.org/ultimate-flora Ultimate Flora] at a
 specific time, so Pire. Send messages to the spinal cord and brain, to
 control the movement or action in any way. When performing exercise ball
 exercises, you are stimulating and challenging these proprioceptors
 stability and body balance while you perform the exercise, he says.

 They are also stimulating the core muscles - the deep pelvis, abdominal
 and lower back muscles - which are important for good posture and balance
 and control of movement, says Pire.

 The ball stimulates the smaller muscles, stability, says Ross, used on the
 muscles in the exercise.


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