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#305: Nerventrax Scam
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 A him the friend gave the methadone pill to Cole. When Cole came home,
 Danielle, then a nursing student who’d completed pharmacology coursework,
 immediately picked up on signs of drug intoxication, including her son’s
 pinpoint pupils. She and her husband took him to the emergency room, where
 he was treated for the intoxication and sent home. Shortly after, however,
 respiratory depression set in – and this time when Danielle found him, it
 was too '''Nerventrax Scam'''  late. Too-Popular Drugs “Methadone is a
 really dangerous drug, primarily because of its extraordinarily long half-
 life,” Alexander says, and it accounts for a disproportionate share of
 opioid overdoses and deaths. “It stays in an individual’s system .


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