[haskeline] #133: haskeline segfaults when used in ghci

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#133: haskeline segfaults when used in ghci
Reporter:  mvanier  |        Owner:  judah
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 Thanks for the report; this is very strange behavior.  Unfortunately I
 don't have Mavericks so I'm not sure how much I'll be able to debug this

 GHCi itself uses Haskeline, so it's possible the bug is triggered by
 nested InputT environments.  But I just tried on OS X Lion with ghc-7.6.1
 and wasn't able to reproduce the error.

 Does this also happen with Mavericks on earlier versions of GHC (say,

 Another long shot: if you make the terminal window twice as wide, does it
 change how many characters you need to enter to trigger the segfault?

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