[Haddock] How will funding for your childrens programs be impacted in 2014? Join us on Thursday to find out.

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Mon Sep 23 18:26:44 BST 2013

**UPCOMING AUDIOCONFERENCE -- Thursday, September 26th @ 2:00pm ET**

How New Federal and Foundation Trends and Priorities Will Affect Funding for Children's Programs in 2014

Register online now at http://cdpubsonline.com/12all/lt.php?c=8961&m=6375&nl=33&s=418973fe63ec85bf7b4e1c94869cf903&lid=992834&l=-http--www.cdpublications.com/store/640

Once again federal funding is uncertain, as Congress debates the budget. But, one thing is clear: Despite prospects for more cuts there will still be significant funding in 2014 for programs serving children--and the key to success, as always, is knowing as much as possible about what funders want and understanding that what worked before may no longer work in today's economic environment.

If you're a grantseeker who needs to know about 2014 federal and foundation funding for children and youth programs, we invite you to join us for this upcoming audioconference. You'll gain insights that will give you a clear edge in your grant seeking, along with invaluable added lead time on when to expect 2014 solicitations.

While most mainstream media focus on Washington's funding impasse, the truth is that programs will continue, albeit largely at 2013 levels. With over 2,000 federal programs, many of which overlap, a key to grant seeking is knowing which programs can meet your needs, understanding exactly what funders are looking for, and how best to meet their priorities.

Here's just some of what presenters Ray Sweeney (senior editor of Federal & Foundation Assistance Monitor) and Frank Klimko (senior grant researcher for Children & Youth Funding Report) will be covering:

 * What emerging trends are guiding funding and how you can address them in your application;
 * How private funders are "filling the gaps" in federal funding--and what their priorities are;
 * Lesser known funding sources at agencies often overlooked, such as Homeland Security or Commerce;
 * What you MUST know for your 2014 federal or foundation applications to have a chance of winning--
   from partnering to data collection to effectively leveraging federal and private funds;
 * Why the funding spotlight is now on minorities, at-risk youth, and early education;
 * Why you must go beyond application basics to enhance your chances for success today;
 * Why awareness of agency "inside information” and new federal requirements are essential to
   funding--and how to stay informed on new rules from grantmaking agencies and the OMB;
 * How to benefit from the trend of giving more to projects deemed most-likely to have the best success


Register now for $189 and not only will you be able to email us in advance with topics you want covered, but there will be a live Q&A session following the presentation so you can get answers to your questions. Plus, all attendees will have the ability to submit questions after the event.

But don't wait to sign up - Attendance is limited to ensure all attendee questions can be answered!

 * Go to http://cdpubsonline.com/12all/lt.php?c=8961&m=6375&nl=33&s=418973fe63ec85bf7b4e1c94869cf903&lid=992834&l=-http--www.cdpublications.com/store/640 for quick, secure registration
 * Call us at 1-800-666-6380, ext. 2 with your credit card, check or PO information
 * Email us at info at cdpublications.com

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Audioconference: How New Federal and Foundation Trends and Priorities Will Affect Funding for Children's Programs in 2014
In this Sept 26 audio conference you'll gain insights that will give you a
clear edge in your grant seeking, along with invaluable added lead time on
when to expect 2014 solicitations.

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