[Haddock] [haddock] #168: Hoogle backend attaches [incoherent] to instance documentation (was: Errors in --hoogle output)

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#168: Hoogle backend attaches [incoherent] to instance documentation
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Changes (by Fūzetsu):

  * version:  2.8.1 =>


 Bug 1 moved to ticket #259 for easier tracking. I'll be looking at it now.

 Regards to bug 2:
 With input
 {-# LANGUAGE TypeOperators #-}
 module TypeOperators where

 data a :**: b = Foo -- ^ The :**: is prefix without brackets

 I get
 -- Hoogle documentation, generated by Haddock
 -- See Hoogle, http://www.haskell.org/hoogle/

 @package main

 module TypeOperators
 data (:**:) a b

 -- | The :**: is prefix without brackets
 Foo :: (:**:) a b

 so that's fixed, was probably on GHC side of things. I'll add a regression
 test in a bit.

 I'm changing this ticket to now deal with bug 4 then. Unfortunately I'm
 not even sure where to start on that one so I wouldn't hold my breath. If
 you can provide minimum input, expected output and reasoning for that
 output, that would help!

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