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#254: Unexported things are shown as exported
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Comment(by waern):

 I'm working on a fix.

 I'm also trying to fix the where M1 has an explicit export list with
 section headers and/or loose doc comments. Do you have an opinion on what
 should happen in that case? Should they appear in M2's documentation?
 Perhaps one wouldn't write such hidden modules but the issue also comes up
 when "partially" (like this) re-exporting non-hidden modules.

 Both loose doc comments and section headers could potentially refer to
 things which are not re-exported, so they may become nonsensical when
 placed in the outer module. However one could probably quite reasonably
 say that section headers could be included if the resulting section in the
 outer module becomes is non-empty. Loose doc comments I think it's best to
 filter out.

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