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#126: multi-line emphasis not working
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 Replying to [comment:4 Fūzetsu]:
 > I have considered it for a while and even put the functionality in to
 test it. In the end I think that multi-line markup would be used far less
 than the individual markup tokens on their own lines and you'd end up
 escaping tokens everywhere far more than actually getting use out of this
 > Something that I haven't considered before however was use of a rarer
 string sequence. For example, instead of having
 > {{{
 > -- | /Multi
 > -- line
 > -- string/
 > }}}
 > and having to escape ‘/’ in all documentation comments where we have
 pairs of the same token, we could do something like
 > {{{
 > -- | ///Multi
 > -- line
 > -- string///
 > }}}
 > I have not discussed this with anyone yet though and I'd have to give it
 further thought.
 > Do you actually end up wanting to use multi-line markup often? This
 issue has been around for years but no one seemed to express their
 interest in it until recently so I can't imagine it's of very high
 priority and I'd rather avoid annoying the larger part of the userbase for
 the sake of convenience of few people.

 Well, I am becoming more and more a guy who likes to write extensively in
 the API docs. Sometimes I add a "warning" or "note to the developer" or
 something similar, which consist in a paragraph, normally fully italicized
 to be easily differentiated from the rest of the text. Anyway, as I said
 above, this is ''not'' of high priority. And, of course, I am not bothered
 by the current behavior. I just pointed this out in my original e-mail as
 a wish. It is up to the developer to decide which changes should go in, as
 it is up to the user to report bugs and formulate wishes. :)

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