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#252: Allow markdown inside of emphasis
Reporter:  DanielDiaz   |        Owner:  Fūzetsu 
    Type:  enhancement  |       Status:  assigned
Priority:  minor        |    Milestone:          
 Version:  2.11.0       |   Resolution:          
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Changes (by Fūzetsu):

  * status:  new => assigned


 >If we apply the proposed changes, the output of those docs would change.
 Yes, you're right. After reading a fair amount of documentation and giving
 it some though, I do not think that this will actually matter. There
 certainly might be some documentation around that will change because of
 this but the change will not be huge, merely slightly aesthetic. If you're
 making docs with the brand-new Haddock and latest GHC, you're probably
 prepared for any slight changes that might occur. Announcement with
 changes and fresh documentation will also be released beforehand so active
 folk can read what's going on. Inactive folk won't be regenerating docs

 I do not have the numbers to back it up though. I started writing
 something to quantify this but I have not had time to develop it properly.

 This has actually been implemented already. I'm just doing some slight
 debugging but I think that the general opinion is that this is a welcome
 feature, far outweighing individual snippets of code that might change
 here and there. We're adding functionality and old behaviour can still be
 achieved by escaping the characters.

 Here's a small snippet of documentation rendered with this suggestion in

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