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#218: Firefox dislikes Haddock master index on Windows
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 Version:  2.9.4        |    Keywords:     
 (NB: This bug was ported here from the haskell platform trac:
 http://trac.haskell.org/haskell-platform/ticket/148 -- it might very well
 be fixed already!)

 If you edit the cabal configuration file and add the lines

   documentation: True
   doc-index-file: $datadir\doc\index.html
 then cabal-install generates a master package index every time it installs
 a new package. Internet Explorer is perfectly happy with this page, and
 the W3C validator passes it, but Firefox dislikes it.

 Specifically, Firefox won't follow any of the links, complaining that "the
 transfer protocol is not registered". Basically, all of the links are
 absolute paths that begin "C:\Documents and Settings\...", and Firefox
 apparently thinks that "C:" is a transfer protocol specification, just
 like "http:" or "mailto:". (I'm using Firefox 3.5 for Windows, in case it
 makes a difference.)

 Note that this bug does not affect the index of packages supplied with HP,
 which uses relative paths. This index page works with every browser I've
 tried. It's the absolute paths in the cabal-install package index that are

 Since the document index is always in the folder above the individual
 package documentation, I would suggest that making Haddock always use
 relative paths would fix this. (The alternative is to prefix all absolute
 paths with "file:", which seems to make Firefox happy.)

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