[Haddock] [haddock] #215: vimhelp backend updated for ghc-7.4.2

Lars Krueger lars_e_krueger at gmx.de
Tue Oct 2 06:21:10 BST 2012

On 10/01/2012 01:02 PM, haddock wrote:

Thanks for the quick reply.
> #215: vimhelp backend updated for ghc-7.4.2
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> Reporter:  lars_e_krueger  |        Owner:
>      Type:  enhancement     |       Status:  new
> Priority:  minor           |    Milestone:  2.13
>   Version:  2.11.0          |   Resolution:
> Keywords:                  |
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> Comment(by SimonHengel):
>   Hi there, I only skimmed over the patch, but I already have some comments:
>    * Some things that you added to {{{.gitignore}}} better fit into a
>   [https://help.github.com/articles/ignoring-files global .gitignore] on
>   your system

Sorry, bad habit from work.

>    * Overall, I'd prefer to implement new Backends as standalone executables
>   through the Haddock API.  This may not yet work, but this is a great
>   opportunity to improve the API so that such things become feasible.
I had this discussion with David Waern already. He was very helpful, I 
learned a lot in a short time. Unfortunately, at the time I started this 
back end, the API didn't support a lot of the features I needed. In the 
end, I would have to clone Main.hs and most of the file handling, IIRC. 
Some of them have been implemented, so I'll give it another try.
>    * If we want to add this to Haddock it would need 100% test coverage and
>   documentation.
While I agree in principle with the concept of high quality patches, I 
wouldn't put the bar at the optimum. In the long run, this policy might 
discourage people from submitting anything.

I'll try the external program first.

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