[Haddock] repository question regarding vim helptext backend

Lars Krueger lars_e_krueger at gmx.de
Sun Jan 22 14:57:21 GMT 2012

Hi everyone,

I'll have to add the vim helptext generation as a backend to haddock. The InstalledInterfaces do not contain enough info to generate a meaningful output: instDocMap holds almost no documentation. In Documentation.Haddock, only createInterfacess has non-empty documentation.

I cloned the repo and start integrating my backend. 

Question: Is it OK to branch off from the 2.9.2 release (SHA1 57491ab4ac6263d9d9a11e972e7a95c840c299de) or do you expect major merge problems with that? 

Background: haskell-platform-2011.2.0.1 is the latest available on gentoo, hence ghc-7.0.4, hence haddock-2.9.2 is the latest that works.

Dr. Lars Krueger

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