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#179: Reusing named chunks in other modules
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Priority:  major        |   Milestone:  2.10.0
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 Similar to #97. Consider the following:

 module A (
   -- $note

   -- $note
   -- This is a long note.

   -- | This is a function
   f :: Int -> Int
   f x = x

 module B (
   -- $A.note

   import A

 Currently, there is no way to insert the documentation chunk named
 {{{$note}}} (which is defined in module {{{A}}}) into the documentation
 for {{{B}}}. I propose the above syntax as a way to do this.

 The motivation for this construct is as follows. Since {{{A}}} and {{{B}}}
 export (at least some of) the same API, the {{{$note}}} chunk should be
 included in both of their Haddocks. It is possible to work around this
 need by using anchors to link to {{{A}}}'s note from {{{B}}}, but this a
 workaround rather than a solution.

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