[Haddock] [haddock] #174: Haddock should hide hidden fields of re-exported modules

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Mon Apr 11 13:18:26 BST 2011

#174: Haddock should hide hidden fields of re-exported modules
Reporter:  ezyang  |       Owner:       
    Type:  defect  |      Status:  new  
Priority:  major   |   Milestone:  2.7.0
 Version:  2.9.2   |    Keywords:       
 Suppose I have the following module:

 module Compiler.Hoopl
   ( module Compiler.Hoopl.Graph
   , module Compiler.Hoopl.MkGraph
   , module Compiler.Hoopl.XUtil
   , module Compiler.Hoopl.Collections
   , module Compiler.Hoopl.Checkpoint
   , module Compiler.Hoopl.Dataflow
   , module Compiler.Hoopl.Label
   , module Compiler.Hoopl.Pointed
   , module Compiler.Hoopl.Combinators
   , module Compiler.Hoopl.Fuel
   , module Compiler.Hoopl.Unique
   , module Compiler.Hoopl.Util
   , module Compiler.Hoopl.Debug
   , module Compiler.Hoopl.Show

 import Compiler.Hoopl.Checkpoint
 import Compiler.Hoopl.Collections
 import Compiler.Hoopl.Combinators
 import Compiler.Hoopl.Dataflow hiding ( wrapFR, wrapFR2, wrapBR, wrapBR2
 import Compiler.Hoopl.Debug
 import Compiler.Hoopl.Fuel hiding (withFuel, getFuel, setFuel, FuelMonadT)
 import Compiler.Hoopl.Graph hiding
    ( Body
    , BCat, BHead, BTail, BClosed -- OK to expose BFirst, BMiddle, BLast
 import Compiler.Hoopl.Graph (Body)
 import Compiler.Hoopl.Label hiding (uniqueToLbl, lblToUnique)
 import Compiler.Hoopl.MkGraph
 import Compiler.Hoopl.Pointed
 import Compiler.Hoopl.Show
 import Compiler.Hoopl.Util
 import Compiler.Hoopl.Unique hiding (uniqueToInt)
 import Compiler.Hoopl.XUtil

 Haddock will incorrectly generate documentation for all functions in these
 modules, where it should actually hide any of the functions/data
 constructors that were hidden in the imports.

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