[Haddock] Stylin' the Haskell universe

Mark Lentczner markl at glyphic.com
Mon Sep 27 23:55:07 EDT 2010

=== I'm resending this as it got lost in the Haddock mailing list outage. I realize that
=== some people got copies as they were e-mailed directly, but I wanted to be sure the
=== list saw it as well. - Mark

I'm wondering what other parts of the Haskell universe might need style update:

- done.

Haskell.org & Wiki
- I think Thomas is doing that with wiki-2, right? ETA?

GHC library doc:
- it would be great to get this re-generated with new Haddock

- it has a sparkly new front page look (yay!) along with plans (I think) to change the
  color and picture with each release (like Ubuntu does)
- it has informational packages that could be revised

Any other areas of the Haskell world that would be good to update? I'm not under any delusion that we could, or should, attempt to get them all the same style. But it would be nice to present a more cohesive, and modern, look to Haskell, much the same way that Python, Ruby, and Scala do.

	- Mark

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