[Haddock] Regenerating Haddock docs on Hackage

Mark Lentczner markl at glyphic.com
Fri Sep 10 00:30:34 EDT 2010

Another example pointed out by copumpkin on #haskell today: He wanted to make sure I know of the rendering problems in the new Haddock. He pointed me at this page:


Make your window "page" width, and scroll all the way to the bottom - you'll see all sorts of artifacts.

I think it would be best if docs generated with older versions of Haddock were restored to the way that they where[1], and all pages generated with 2.8.1, were generated with --built-in-themes and the modified JS (no Frames button). 

	- Mark

[1] Could be difficult: the CSS they had was tied to the version of the Haddock used - but they've all be overwritten with the retro-Ocean CSS. You can't just replace 'em with the 2.6.1 CSS - there's no guarantee that will work for pages generated with older Haddock versions - they need to be replaced with the CSS from the version of Haddock that generated them.

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