David Waern david.waern at
Sat Jul 24 06:01:20 EDT 2010

2010/7/24 Mark Lentczner <markl at>:
> New version up:
> Don't forget to peek at the frames version:
>        darcs
> New: Slide out Synopsis! Check out the yellow bar on right... move your mouse over it. Is it...
> a) lovely! keep it!
> b) it would nice *if* it were the same sort of synopsis as the "mini" view (load the frames page, click on a module, look at the lower left pane: Notice that this synopsis view is somewhat different than the one in the main page for a module.
> c) hideous - just banish it already

Would be interesting to see how it looks without type signatures etc.
(i.e. similar to the synopsis in the mini view).

I also agree with Tibbe that the space between the section headings is too much.

Otherwise it's starting to look pretty awesome!


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