CSS Themes

Mark Lentczner markl at glyphic.com
Wed Jul 21 14:24:44 EDT 2010

Well, that was certainly unanimous!

I'm implementing the following:

1) Themes will be one each in sub directories under the html directory. That way theme dependent images can be grouped and only included if needed. The name of the directory is the user visible name of the theme. There should be only one css file in the directory.

2) We'll include these themes in the source:
	Nomi <-- better name? This is Thomas' theme
(I think it is good to show some alternatives)

3) Nomi will be the default. I'm assuming this is going to be the one we tweak to perfection.

4) When haddock runs, it assembles list of themes to include. If there are more than one, then you get switcher, otherwise, it's just one theme.

5) The switcher will remain the simple thing it is now. I'll move the common css and javascript for it into files only included if it is used. That way themes don't have to think about it.

6) Command line options:
	(the theme list starts empty)
	--css=<file>     = add a theme, implemented by a single CSS file
	--css=<dir>      = add a theme from a directory
	--themes=<dir>   = add all themes from a directory (.css files and sub-dirs)
	--default-themes = add the default themes (essentially --themes=html
	(if the theme list is still empty, then add Nomi)
	(if there is more than one theme, include a switcher)

Sounds like a lot of work - but I'm most of the way there, actually!

	- Mark

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