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Mark Lentczner markl at
Wed Jul 21 01:50:03 EDT 2010

Well, this was lovely to see first thing in the morning! It is always an emotional boost to see people diving into your work. Alas, I had an all day interview, so I couldn't get to it until now.

> I've attached a patch that improves (in my opinion on the Tibbe stylesheet). ... I've attached an improved version.
Applied in in my repo.

>  - Both: hide the synoposis by default
> Done.
The problem this raises is that if a theme wants to hide/show a section, there are no hooks to get theme specific Javascript included or theme specific elements to insert (though I suppose that could be done with jQuery... but including that in every doc directory is impractical.) Ideas?

> I would also bold the function/type name being defined (the one left of the ::).
Another late addition: The thing being defined is given class def.

> Could we have a space between Style and the down arrow? :)

Replies to other, longer topics, moved into their own threads.

	- Mark

Mark Lentczner
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