[Haddock] Documentation

Mark Lentczner markl at glyphic.com
Tue Aug 31 21:43:11 EDT 2010

On Aug 31, 2010, at 3:56 PM, David Waern wrote:

> Hi,
> I just realized we lack one thing before we release Haddock:
> documentation. We should at least document new flags / new flag
> behaviour. It's all in docs/haddock.xml.

Okay, I will do that tonight and check it in. There are some technical details (what classes and markup are used in the pages) that are in the Wiki. I plan on just referencing those from the doc rather than incorporating - since only theme writers would ever need to know.

> Other than that I think we're ready to release. I've pushed updates to
> CHANGES and ANNOUNCE. Perhaps you want to check them to make sure I've
> not misrepresented something.

I will double check those too.

	- Mark

Mark Lentczner
mark at glyphic.com

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