[Haddock] second post-survey version

Mark Lentczner markl at glyphic.com
Wed Aug 18 15:59:55 EDT 2010

On Aug 18, 2010, at 3:10 AM, Johan Tibell wrote:
> * Paragraphs now have a slightly weaker grouping due to the 1em margin between them, due to the change:
Fixed. But the old 0.5em margin was too small now that the line-height is 1.4. So, I upped it to 0.8, and adjusted several other margins to match or harmonize.

> * The color of the synopsis tab is still different from the ToC and the background used in the pulled out synopsis.
Fixed - again - I think - this time for sure.... :-)

> * The lower left frames box now has a smaller font size for the "body" text (i.e. the type signatures) than the top left box has for the module names.
Fixed - now set at 12pt consistently in both side frames.

As always, viewable at:

	- Mark
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