The synopsis drawer

Mark Lentczner markl at
Mon Aug 2 08:44:22 EDT 2010

[I e-mailed this to the haddock mailing list last night - but as of this morning, it still hasn't been resent. Hence, I'm resending, and addressing a few of you directly. Sorry for any duplicate messages that arise.]


I have built a new look for the synopsis drawer, and changed it from being a "roll over to open" to being a click on tab to open:

You can click the tab again to close it, or just picking an item both scrolls to the item and closes it.

Some people suggested we try making the synopsis more like the "mini_" pages. I have a rough version of that here (note that the links in this version don't work, it is just for evaluating the look):

For the record, some discussion with various people on IRC last week netted at least one strong opinion that the type signatures in the synopsis (as in the first version) are very helpful in knowing what's what.

Either version will require some code cleaning to be final, so I haven't checked this code in yet. 

Let me know what you think, and which version you think we should go with.

	- Mark

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