The synopsis drawer

Mark Lentczner markl at
Tue Aug 3 19:26:29 EDT 2010

So, it seems that we don't have a clear idea of what to do about the synopsis drawer. Our options are:

 1) Nuke it
 2) Keep it as it is now
 3) Keep it, but graphically de-emphasise the tab (but not to the previous "subtle" yellow strip)
 4) Drop the drawer and go back to the classic style (actually, none of us like this one, I think)

Further, if we're keeping it, then what style?

 1) type signatures or just names or some shortened type signature
 2) include contents headings or no
 3) document order or alphabetize (!?)

I'm kind of in favor of keeping it, and with the current type-signature form. I don't particularly like the way all that text looks - but I admit that I use the synopsis in the current Haddock all the time.

That said, perhaps we should ask our constituents. I could put together a few examples and a survey and put it out to haskell-cafe. Are we willing to live by the wisdom of the commons? If so, I can put that together in a day or so. Or should we just decide.

	- Mark

P.S.: Is the haddock mailing list broken?

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