[haddock] #135: haddock stomps on existing .o and .hi files, breaking package builds

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Fri Apr 9 06:14:06 EDT 2010

#135: haddock stomps on existing .o and .hi files, breaking package builds
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Comment (by simonmar):

 We worked around this in GHC:

 Tue Jan 12 22:58:53 GMT 2010  Simon Marlow <marlowsd at gmail.com>
   * Do some recompilation avoidance in GHC.loadModule
   GHC.loadModule compiles a module after it has been parsed and
   typechecked explicity. If we are compiling to object code and there is
   a valid object file already on disk, then we can skip the compilation
   step. This is useful in Haddock, when processing a package that uses
   Template Haskell and hence needs actual compilation, and the package
   has already been compiled.

   As usual, the recomp avoidance can be disabled with -fforce-recomp.

 So Haddock now doesn't overwrite the .o and .hi files if they are up to
 date.  It would therefore be better if Cabal did ''not'' work around the
 problem by pointing Haddock at a separate directory, because then Haddock
 will rebuild everything.

 We didn't pull this into the 6.12 branch, but maybe we should?

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