[patch] GADT records test

Isaac Dupree id at isaac.CedarSwampStudios.org
Tue Jul 21 18:06:36 EDT 2009

David Waern wrote:
> BTW, the testing declaration could be added to the test suite. The
> test suite should be very useful to your project, especially if you
> add tests when developing new functionality. Try it out! It's in the
> tests/ directory of the repo. There should be a small README file
> there with some instructions.

okay, I made a patch to add a test, tell me if I did it right.

Although using runtests, it ended with this output for me: is something 
wrong here?:

Output for Bug2.hs has changed! Exiting with diff:
< > version 2.4.2</TD
 > > version 2.5.0</TD


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