Lots of SoC progress!

Isaac Dupree id at isaac.CedarSwampStudios.org
Sun Jul 12 19:20:02 EDT 2009

David Waern wrote:
> 2009/7/10 Isaac Dupree <id at isaac.cedarswampstudios.org>:
>> I have to admit that I've been liking the all-in-one-piece index for GHC
>> docs lately -- but yeah it can be slow and it'd probably be just as quick
>> for me as a user if I first had to click on the first letter of what I'm
>> looking for...
> Reverting to the old index is just a quick solution. We should do
> something better in the long-term.

Well, what is the index trying to accomplish?  If it's just to allow 
people to look-up something that the package exports, I can't see how we 
can do better (except maybe we could make the HTML more compact so it 
loads faster?).  (Also there is Hoogle which might or might not be 


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