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#73: haddock: Failed to create dependecy graph
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Comment (by anonymous):

 Replying to [comment:2 Martin]:
 > Ok, I'm sorry, I will put a little bit more information. I tried
 > {{{
 > haddock --html \
 >        -o doc  \
 >          --optghc=-cpp \
 >        Main.hs
 > }}}
 > and got the following error-message:
 > {{{
 > Effects/ILCUtils.hs:1:0:
 >     file name does not match module name `Main'
 > haddock: Failed to create dependecy graph
 > }}}
 > For the file in the error messages I didn't want to generate
 documentation, furthermore the program compiles with ghc, so i don't
 understand the error.

 Seems like Main.hs is dependent of the module ILCUtils.hs, so Haddock is
 trying to include it in the dependency graph. And it seems like
 ILCUtils.hs defines the module Main. So I'm a little bit confused. Do you
 have two Main modules?

 To tell Haddock which module is the Main module, you can use `--optghc
 =-main-is --optghc=module`.

 When you compiled using GHC, what command line flags did you use exactly?

 > I couldn't isolate the error, sorry. Of course to change "dependecy" to
 "dependency" is trivial, the error I reported now maybe not.

 Ah, I will correct this spelling error. Thanks.

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