[haddock] #71: Derive portability information from pragmas

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#71: Derive portability information from pragmas
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Priority:  minor                          |    Milestone:  2.6.0
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Changes (by waern):

  * milestone:  2.5.0 => 2.6.0


 It would be nice if the portability status of a module could be
 automatically inferred, yes. There is plan to implement something like
 this in Cabal. See:


 Cabal could easily pass this information via a command-line flag to
 Haddock. Now the question is: is it worth doing this in Haddock as well,
 for those cases when Cabal is not used to invoke Haddock? It might be, but
 we should not prioritise this issue much, IMHO.

 If we'd do it, we could look directly in the DynFlags (The GHC data type
 that represents compiler options) to determine exactly which extensions
 are used, so that we don't miss extensions turned on via the command line.

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