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#72: Wiki-like interface
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Comment (by apfelmus):

 For reference, here the corresponding
 entry] in the Haskell Proposals reddit.

 Concerning the design, I'd use a classic Lens approach

     data Lens a b = Lens { focus :: a -> (b, b -> a) }

     instance Category Lens where ...

 The server side script uses a lens to cut the full source file down to
 haddock only. Changes to the haddock will be mapped to changes to the
 source file which can be recorded as patches. Using lenses to display a
 page can probably be integrated into the wiki engine while haddock is to
 provide the actual lens that maps .hs to documentation.

 For more on lenses, see also [http://www.sandr.dds.nl/FunctionalForms/
 Functional Forms]. They call it "functional references", though. The term
 "lens" comes from the paper [http://www.cis.upenn.edu/~bcpierce/papers
 /dblenses-pods.pdf Relational Lenses].

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