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#72: Wiki-like interface
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 There have been various suggestions about adding a wiki-like interface to
 Haddock, to be able to quickly suggest improvements by editing
 documentation directly on the page.

 The system could produce a darcs patch or diff against the current source
 of the documented module, based on the modification. This patch could be
 sent to e.g. the libraries at haskell.org list or to the maintainer of the

 Some people have suggested that it should be possible to directly update
 the documentation (but not the source), with an option for viewing the
 current or source-based docs.

 Several extensions to this can be imagined:
   - comments on other peoples comments/modifications (reddit[1]/forum-
   - ranking of modifications/comments (reddit-style)

 The benefit of reddit-like commenting is that a suggested modification can
 be discussed and improved by other users reading the same doc, without
 having to subscribe to a mailing list. This would probably generate more
 discussions and more participants in discussions. For some packages, a
 @libraries discussion is of course always needed in the end.

 Please use this ticket for discussing the design and implementation of
 these features! To begin with, we could discuss how to just implement a
 wiki-like way of editing the documentation to produce a patch.

 We should also look at other similar system. One of them is Annotated CPAN

 [1] http://www.reddit.com/

 [2] http://www.annocpan.org/

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