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#82: Strange layout bug
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    Type:  defect  |       Status:  new  
Priority:  major   |    Milestone:  2.5.0
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Comment (by waern):

 Replying to [comment:2 SamB]:
 > Yeah, I figured that out soon after posting this ;-). Personally, I'd be
 happy with this requiring the function type to be in parens.

 Hmm, that's a bit inconsistent though, since comments on types of function
 definitions works exactly the opposite way.

 > (A nicer parse error would also be helpful.) I guess this bug is
 misnamed ... did you already make a bug about this?

 Nope, there's no such bug report. I'd rather call it an enhancement
 though, since the comments-on-types stuff has a very limited design
 currently and was not supposed to do this. It for example only supports
 comments on function arguments at the highest level. I think it would be
 good to try to generalize the design a little bit to support cases like
 this and more.

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