[haddock] #102: haddock-2.4.2 shipped with ghc-6.10.2 is extremely slow

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Tue Apr 21 07:51:29 EDT 2009

#102: haddock-2.4.2 shipped with ghc-6.10.2 is extremely slow
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 Calling haddock for our Hets project http://www.dfki.de/sks/hets takes
 around 40 minutes after upgrading to ghc-6.10.2. (haddock 2.3.0 with
 ghc-6.10.1 took below 1 minute.)

 Unfortunately, reproducing this behavior requires to install many
 packages. You need fgl, xml, and time to compile anything at all within

 Check out:

 You need the uni packages and hxtfilter-8.2.0 to cause haddock to become
 (Look inside `Hets/INSTALL`)

 Within Hets I call:
 cabal configure -v -f -gtkglade -f -programatica -f -shellac -f -haxml -f
 -tabular -f -tar
 to avoid dependencies on even further packages.

 Compiling 433 files using "`time cabal build`" takes:

 real    4m34.159s
 user    4m21.308s
 sys     0m7.456s

 Running now haddock using "`time cabal haddock --executables`" takes about
 40 minutes

 I'll attach the corresponding log files. (The sources contain one template
 haskell file

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