[haskell-gnuplot] plot multiple histogram on the same screen

Roman Salmin roman.salmin at gmail.com
Mon Aug 3 04:43:33 EDT 2009

  Dear All,

First: thank Henning Thielemann for gnuplot package.

Second: current version of gnuplot - 0.3 missing important functionality for
me - plot
multiple plots on the same page (I mean "set multiplot layout" option) It
cannot be
simulated via Custom Attribute b/c you need "unset multiplot" as the last
command. So I am
added this functionality,  you can find updated Simple.hs file in
 Changes are:
 1. callGnuplot rename as callGnuplotH and callGnuplot now referred to more
simple version of function.
 2. createDataFiles  for put multiple plots to files
 3. plotMultiPath::(Show a) => (Int, Int)-> [([Attribute], (PlotStyle,
[(a,a)]))]-> IO ()
     plotMultiPath (ncols, nrows) plotList  -- divide screen on nclos -
columns and nrows - rows and
      sequentially plot supplied list of plots.
    You need supply to you plot not only PlotStyle but also list of
Attributes to setup titles of plots.
    Representation of triple [Attribute], PlotStyle, [(a, a)] choosed as (a
, (b, c)) for convenience to use fst, snd.

I am hope that functionality of plotMultiPath will be in the next release,
either mine implementation or (if there is a reason)
someone else.

   Roman Salmin.
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