LED round panel light promotion!

Kelly Wang info at sunshinelamp.net
Sun May 31 05:37:32 BST 2015

Hope you are fine. This is Kelly sales manager from Sunshine Lighting Industry Limited!
As a leading LED Lighting manufaturer in China, I sincerely recommend our best seller in this season: 

4W round panel light  Φ105*18mm  open core: Φ130mm    US$5.79/pcs
6W round panel light  Φ120*18mm  open core: Φ130mm    US$6.83/pcs
9W round panel light  Φ145*18mm  open core: Φ130mm    US$8.57/pcs
12W round panel light Φ170*18mm  open core: Φ150mm    US$10.02/pcs
15W round panel light Φ190*18mm  open core: Φ180mm    US$11.45/pcs
18W round panel light Φ225*18mm  open core: Φ205mm    US$14.80/pcs
More details,welcome to contact me.
Thanks&Best Regards,
Sunshine Lighting Industry Limited!
MSN:kellywlihua at live.cn
Email:info at sunshinelamp.net
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