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Sun Nov 15 06:24:08 EST 2009

Hello everyone,

I've been using darcs for quite some time but I decided this year to give
git a go, partly because of the buzz around it but mostly because I must
interact with subversion repos and that the git interface for svn is quite
neat. I still try to pinpoint the difference, apart from the culture of the
authors (OS developers vs abstract scientists), since this is a sugar-level
detail. So I watched the video you made with interest but it doesn't really
answer: in darcs/camp, you assume by default that you will want to reorder
patches, somehow, while in git, you don't (which might turn out helpful when
you have to interact with silly old svn). But that's again a detail. I would
be interested to see actual examples where darcs/camp can avoid conflicts
because it's smarter, or even by simply smartly cherry-picking in a big
repo, while git would force you to select all patches by hand (still, in
that case, that would imply that a rather small script could manage rebasing
in git by selecting proper consistent sets of patches, if the cherry-picking
is not intrinsically smarter in camp).

Any clue to help me understand?

Best regards,
Samuel Hym
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