Towards a conflict-free revision control system.

Jean-Philippe Bernardy bernardy at
Wed Jan 7 07:27:54 EST 2009

Hello folks,

It seems that the problem of conflicting patches has been solved in darcs 2.x,
but some time ago I had my very own "revolutionary" idea to solve the problem of
conflicts in darcs 1.0:

There should be no conflicting patches!

This might seem like an impossibility, so let me clarify: while the user *might*
observe a conflict, the system would always be happy to compose any two patches
and give a meaningful *internal* representation of the result. In
darcs parlance, it means that
all patches commute.

As part of a master-level project, two students of mine have implemented
this idea in a prototype [1], and the report can be found here [2].

We do not have the intention to develop the prototype any further (for
the moment at least), but we thought you might be interested in at least taking
a look at the work and the underlying ideas. We'll be happy to answer questions
if you have any.

Jean-Philippe, Anders & Petter.


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