Remembering megapatch "parents"

Ian Lynagh igloo at
Fri Dec 19 15:29:11 EST 2008

Just an undeveloped thought:

Each megapatch could contain a set of names that are its "parents". When
recording a megapatch, its parents are the set of megapatchs in the repo
that are not the parent of any other megapatch.

e.g. if we have this patch parent graph:
then A was recorded in the empty repo. Then B was recorded in that repo,
while C was recorded in another copy of the repo. Then we merged the
repos. If we record D now then B and C will be its parents:
        \       /

This wouldn't affect the behaviour of camp at all, e.g. it wouldn't
affect what commutes with what. It would just give information about the
actual history. This could be another view in camp-view.

I'm not sure what would happen to the parents if we were to unpull A, B
or C in the above example.

I don't know if this would be useful or interesting.


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