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在发布会上,当库克介绍 iPhone 6 和 iPhone 6 Plus 时,身后的大屏幕出现“Bigger than bigger”的广告文案,表示 iPhone 从此步入“大屏时代”。 对于这句广告语,苹果官方翻译的是“比更大还更大”,这直接是节操碎了一地的节奏。如果改为“岂止于大”,那又会是多土豪、多高大上!
__________________________________________________________________Shanghai Puretrans Co., Ltd. (Puretrans) is a specialized translation service provider with its aims to bridge language gaps and help people smooth their communications in every aspect of their life in public and private domains. Our teams, with profound background knowledge and proficient skills, are committed to providing excellent services in their respective fields aided with advanced industrial tools such as Trados, MemoQ, Wordfast, SDLX and etc.. Puretrans has accumulated a large bank of terminology and now runs a term website to offer a value-added service. 上海浦传翻译有限公司(Shanghai Puretrans Co., Ltd.)是一家专业翻译提供商,致力于全球化时代的语言沟通,帮助企业和个人实现无缝交流。公司各团队以其深厚的专业知识和精湛的技术借助行业先进软件如Trados, MemoQ, Wordfast, SDLX等为客户提供一流的服务。浦传积累的海量术语更能为客户提供增值服务,在此基础上开发的术语网站也开始进入运营状态。
We arrange and manage our translation works strictly in accordance with the internationally prevailing quality control procedures on translation and the well-performed projects collectively finished by our qualified and experienced expert translators, editors and proofreaders have won recognition and praise by our customers. So far, Puretrans is the exclusive translation provider for many organizations and enterprises.公司依据国际流行的质量管理理念,严格管理翻译过程,翻译、编辑、校对人员通过集体努力对项目各个环节的精益求精赢得了客户的认可和赞誉。目前浦传是众多组织和企业独家翻译供应商。
We cordially welcome any forms of inquiries concerning translation and integral language solutions and expect cooperation with you.我们真诚欢迎各种与翻译和整体语言解决方案有关的咨询并期待与您的合作。
We will remove you from the list if this mail is undesirable.如有打扰请回复退订。
                            给我写信(service at上海浦传翻译有限公司Shanghai Puretrans Co., Ltd.
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